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Customer relationship management (CRM)

For collaborative work of sales managers, maintaining clients and deals, accounting for finances.

Project Management (PM)

For team collaboration, work with projects, tasks and subtasks.

Human resource management (HRM)

Keep track of your employees' roles, hire dates, birthdays, contact details, and other pertinent information.

Contact Book

Manage information about individuals and organizations. Use this template to create a phonebook or as a foundational database template.

Employee Scheduling

Manage your employees' schedules. Create week plan, monitor working hours, assign shifts, and keep track of time off requests.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Production lines, transport, service, clients, finances and HR module.

Digital transformation example

The demo shows how to create a digital twin of a real business process.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

For managing the flow of goods, data, and finances in product manufacturing and delivery.

Marketing Automation

For automating and optimizing marketing tasks and workflows.

Business Intelligence (BI) example

For analyzing business data and providing actionable insights to improve decision-making.

Admin template

Familiarize with the structure of system tables and the capabilities of for solution developers.

Custom solution

You can assemble any solution, configure everything for the processes in your company.

New live demos coming soon