For small and medium businesses interface screenshots — this is a constructor
business information system:
customer tracking, task control,
and management accounting
in the form that you need

There are many business management systems in the world for clients, finances, suppliers, etc. Each system has its own structure, data type, and complex integration with other systems.

It's different with us: you tell us what kind of accounting you need, and adapts to your tasks. We will give you the databases you need, fields, parameters, and everything you require for unified accounting on a common platform.

For example, you can keep a record of customers, monitor managers, write them bonuses, count P&L bonuses for these bonuses, or build a sales report and use it as a financial model for the future. It's an all-in-one database with a user-friendly interface.

Dashboards dashboard screenshot will collect a beautiful report with graphs for you from multiple data sources. You can see how things are in business from any point of view.

For example, you can combine the main figures for sales, marketing, production, and expenses per screen to understand how well each Department's goals are being met.

Simple menu

screenshot of the menu in creates a personal menu for each employee.

For example, your sales managers will see, first of all, the tasks for the day, and for you, there will be reports on sales and finance at the top — nothing too heavy. It saves efforts on employee training and makes it immediately clear where to click.

Detailed forms

screenshot of the client form in configures the forms in the system as you need. Decide which fields are required and highlight the problem areas with color.

For example, output fields with the date of the last contact and the amount of transactions at the top of the form so that the manager doesn't miss an important client.

Any tables

screenshot of the table with clients in will store any data for you: customers, orders, tasks of employees, suppliers, documents, and anything else. Everything is configurable in the constructor.

For example, you can enter the "Rating" field for suppliers and solve it yourself for the formula it will consider so that your managers give preference to the most loyal partners.


screenshot of the kanban board with deals in draws the usual boards with lights, statuses, and responsible employees.

For example, it displays all orders on the board in your organization by status so that managers accurately
understand the steps to be followed for sales. constructs
business information systems
in the form that you need

— Dashboards
— Any reports
— Detailed forms
— Any tables
— Boards
— Simple menu

30 $
per person
per month