For developers and integrators interface screenshots — this is a designer
of business information systems:
customer accounting, task control,
and management accounting,
in the form that
you customers need


You will receive 20% of sales of licenses from the client, forever.
One license costs $30 per month. Of these, $6 a month is yours.

All of the work on implementation, consulting, maintenance,
and improvements in the system is yours.
For example, you charge a client $6,000 for implementation,
100% is yours.

Sales and marketing

Requests from potential customers from our site,, come directly to you. This happens automatically. When the client leaves a request, you will have it right away.

We will provide you with presentations, landing pages, and demos for sales. You will be able to hold meetings, show demos to the client, and sell to them.

We do not compete with our partners. All implementations for are done with the help of partners. a young platform — you will be the first to offer it to your customers.


Your company must have a specialist who is familiar with SQL and JavaScript and who understands what normal forms are in databases and can write bubble sorting in JS.

Even a novice developer with knowledge of SQL and JavaScript will understand how to create your CRM and ERP systems on within a week.

Usually, to implement solutions based on, there is no need to hire new employees. Your development team can quickly figure it out.

Send your technical director a link to the documentation at and ask them what they thinks.

What you can construct was designed as a universal constructor. Even the basic solutions are written using the same tools that are available to you. We don’t have any restrictions on functionality or cluttered procedures and buttons.

For example, you can start by automating one of the client’s departments, then gradually expand this to all other client processes using a single system.

A fully open API is available. There are no restrictions. For example, you can write a WhatsApp bot to report to the business owner or a two-way synchronization with acquiring.

You can develop your solution from scratch or start with one of the prepared templates: a solution for selling services, accounting for subscribers to a provider, production automation, a solution for a development company, and others. The library is constantly updated.

Here you can see screenshots of an example that you can build:


You will get an instance of for your company to work for free without a restricted number of users.

Soon, in addition to the cloud, you will be able to deploy directly onto the client’s servers.

You can always talk directly to the creators of in the Telegram chat @ozma_io. — business
information systems designs
that meet your customers’s needs

— Leads from vendor
— Simple design
— Open API
— All types of table relationships
— Entity inheritance
— Flexible security settings
— PostgreSQL for queries
— JavaScript for automation

You will have
$6 a month from a license
100% of the rest